Still on Shaky Legs

You said you wouldn’t hurt me but you did. You told dad you wouldn’t hurt me but you did. You said, “I got you”, but you didn’t, you don’t, and that’s not going to change. 

I need to get out of your shadow and get back in the sun. You know how to say what I need you to say but I need so much more than than pretty words, I need it to be backed up and actions speak louder than words. 

Does that mean that I don’t think I did anything wrong? No, I know I sabotaged us. I know what I did that night was wrong. Maybe I went looking for a reason, maybe I knew in my heart that you were wrong. 

I have to steel my heart to let you go. You have to go do what you think is right. I can’t rescue you anymore. I have to rescue me. I have to love me first. 

I have to, I must come first.